We find a new way to work and lead together.

Our mission is to create new ways to work and lead with our customers and networks. Our origami bird symbolises our philosophy how we operate: we reform a working life together with companies and experts. Designing something new is like an origami folding - we start with a piece of paper, pondering the place of the folds and creating an unique artwork together. We offer an opportunity to increase the expertise and well-being of the individual, work communities and social levels - We develop excellence!

Hyria Business Institute Ltd

P.O. Box 67, FI-05801 Hyvinkää, Finland

Visiting address: Shopping Centre Willa, Torikatu 7, Hyvinkää

Billing address: Hyria Business Institute Ltd
Auxiliary business name: HBI Finland

Online billing address: TE003724870000
OVT-code: 003724870000
Operator: Tieto Oyj

Paper billing address: P.O. Box 67, FI-05801 Hyvinkää, Finland
Email billing address: ostolaskut@hyria.fi

Y-code: 2487000-0

Data protection: Hyria Business Institute Oy acts in accordance with Hyria Data Protection Principles.

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