Education export

Hyria Education Ltd as our mother company makes it possible to export graduate degrees. Hyria offers a versatile selection of vocational qualification, further qualification and specialist qualification degrees in 25 different sectors. The experience built up during past decades and the co-operation with local companies has refined our training practice driven and professionally high level – we train annually 10.000 experts to business life. We represent strong professional experience and competence as degree driven training or as tailor made training programmes or concepts designed for companies. Hyria Business Institute plans, builds up and produces educational export at Hyria Consortium.

Our educational export products comprise:

Vocational Basic Qualification, Further Qualification and Specialist Qualification Degrees or a Units of Degrees:

  • Business and Administration
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Management.

Trainer’s training:

  • Competence based vocational training and its conceptiolising
  • Training the trainer for learning at work and its conceptiolising
  • Conseptiolising training for Entrepreneurs.

Corporate taylor made training:

  • Management, business and entrepreneurial training programmes
  • High tech.

MBA Programmes:

  • MBA Diploma, flexible modular based Master level Programme
  • MBA Degree, Master driven Programme
  • MBA Modules, flexible pathway to MBA Degree.

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