Hyria Business Institute in collaboration with the world-class Cambridge cluster

Cambridge is an old university city. Around the Cambridge campus, there has been the Silicon Fen, known for science, art, research, education and high-tech companies and research institutes.

In addition to science and art, the Cambridge experience is a unique Science and Business Park environment with around 4.000 national or international companies with a population of around 140.000. Historic buildings with their frameworks and traditions add an aesthetic addition to the Cambridge experience and culture.

Networking is an essential part of Cambridge: universities, colleges and businesses form an ecosystem that promotes collaboration, new creation, innovation and growth. Students will be able to experience ecosystem developers, industry leaders, make visits to Science and Business Park with access to listening to the top lecturers of the international university cluster.

We are in co-operation with the Cambridge University cluster. Together with Anglia Ruskin University and Cambridge Universities we offer you a new and unique opportunity to become a business leader. National and international companies and students have access to the campus ecosystem and the Cambridge experience.

As a result of our collaboration and new creation, we combined our experience of professional and academic education and tradition. We have built unique MBA. We combine Finnish education expertise with scientific research and expertise in the world-class university cluster. 

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