MBA Diploma Programme

Flexible path to MBA studies

You can start MBA studies by enrolling in one module at a time under the MBA Diploma Programme. You will take part in the implementation of the ongoing MBA group programme and may advance by one module at a time. 

The extension of an individual MBA Diploma module is in line with MBA Degree Programme which is 15 ECTS. On the flexible path you have an opportunity to complete nine MBA Modules and a Strategic Development Project, which makes total of 90 ECTS.

Completing a Master level Degree requires that you have a Bachelor’s Degree, work experience, language skills in English as prequalifications for admission or you complete supplementary studies to Master’s Degree. Supplementary fees are not included in the fee.

Enrollment for the MBA Diploma is flexible. Your studies will be personalised and you can start studying according to your schedule.

The alternative nine modules for the MBA studies:

  • Digitalisation, AI and Data in Innovation Management Module
  • Intrapreneurship and Entrepreneurial Thinking Module
  • Leadership Module
  • Organisational Behaviour and Internationalisation Module
  • Design thinking and Service Innovation Module
  • Project Management and Operations Module
  • Human Resource Management
  • Finance for Decision Making Module
  • Performance Management Module

The extension of each modules is 9 ECTS, containing the Strategic Development Project.

If you wish to enroll the MBA Diploma liaise with the contact persons of the training programme.

The Professors and Lecturers are from the Anglia Ruskin and Cambridge Universities.

MBA Diploma period – fee 7.000 €/period + vat/participant or

MBA Diploma Module Programme – fee 25.000 € + vat/participant

(The fee does not include travel, accommodation and boarding costs)  

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