MBA (Master of Business Administration)

is an unique management and business training program for key personnel, current and future managers and managers who want to develop a holistic view and understanding of the organization’s strategic and operational leadership. MBA combines the management of research knowledge and practical know-how into a unique entity with a substantial contribution to the individuals, the work community and the organization. Those who have completed the Vocational MBA program have the ability to lead business and staff to the results of their organization.

The Hyria Business Institute implements the MBA in collaboration with the Anglia Ruskin University on the Cambridge Campus, UK. MBA is implemented in accordance with the UK QAA Quality Standard for the Anglia Ruskin University. International top experts – lecturers and professors – are from the Anglia Ruskin University and Cambridge University cluster.

The experts of the Hyria Business Institute are responsible for the professional application of theoretical knowledge and the management and results of professional knowledge. Theory and practice combine into a systematic whole through the training program. The goal of the MBA is to realise and boldly integrate knowledge in the market into emerging market opportunities and new business. MBA graduate is capable of managing a business and inspiring a staff to achieve their goals.

The content of the MBA degree corresponds to the global change and development of the operating environment. Cambridge’s research community’ and students’ research builds a scientific framework to the content of the Master of Business Administration in the future.

MBA framework intersects the themes for content in the training programme:

The roles between the Anglia Rusk University and Hyria Business Insitute in realising the MBA are based on the the personalised and organisational needs of both players. Anglia Rusk University is responsible for the scientific content and Hyria Business Institute for applying the theory into the practice.

MBA is carried out in a very practical way. The majority of the competence and skills are acquired from work or organisation related assignments. Different forms of learning like informal practical learning, acquiring missing competence and skills, development projects, on-the-job learning or degree driven studying and training can support and promote the targets and how the MBA student may achieve them. The MBA studies and content are planned individually on the basis of the participants and organisational needs. The organisational representatives, work communities, Anglia Rusk University and Hyria Business Institute assess and rate students MBA performance.

Cambridge experience

The graduate programmes will commence in Cambridge during autumn 2019. MBA programme will be headed by Anglia Ruskin University Professor, Director for Creative and Digital Sectors, Jan Storgårds.

MBA represents a new product which have given a new perspective to traditional MBA Degrees. We are interested in educational export and Cambridge cluster is interested in hearing what is happening in Finland. Furthermore, Finland is an interesting country as a co-operation partner and it’s reputation is excellent. Networking type of activity is in high demand also in Cambridge. Storgårds has been lobbying Finland already for the past five years on corporate level and students coming from Finnish companies will team up with local companies. In the future students will be attracted from outside Europe and corporate co-operation will expand. MBA is an interesting export product which is marketed also in the Chinese market. Both the Cambridge and the Finnish image confirm the image and content of our education. Students get to see and experience the science, art and environment, Cambridge experience and world class cluster network,

describes Storgårds.

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