Higher Business Intelligence combines extensive know-how with knowledge management.

For us, Higher Business Intelligence is a union of skilled leadership and impressive business expertise. It arises when professional practical skills are combined with excellence in special fields and global change.

Hyria Business Institute
– Business development with the help of expert network

Hyria Business Institute Ltd (HBI) services are provided by 20 top experts from different areas of business life. The experts have solid experience and proven track record of success in working life. Comprehensive education forms the basis for personal competence guaranteeing operational efficiency and effectiveness. Several HBI experts have also produced professional literature in their field of expertise.

We use HBI expert services to develop business and employee top competence, promote entrepreneurship and corporate growth and profitability. We enable growth in competence and productivity both on personal and working community level.

We listen to our customer and service design together an entity where the positive impact can be seen and felt by corporate indicators and personnel.

HBI covers all the development services for corporate and business life:
training, coaching, seminars, key note speakers, consultations, mentoring, work related coaching, career coaching, personal coaching, development partners, sparrers…

  • Management development
  • Human Resources development
  • Millennials
  • Growth management
  • Internationalisation
  • Sales
  • Marketing
  • Brand management
  • Communications
  • Strategy
  • Technology and digitalisation
  • Lean and productivity
  • Megatrends
  • Wellness
  • Finances